Our Mission

Longhorn Racing Electric provides students with an opportunity to garner knowledge in the engineering field through hands-on learning in a challenging and innovative environment with other like-minded students.


We are the newest addition to UT’s student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (UT SAE), one of the Cockrell School of Engineering’s flagship student organizations.

Formula SAE, the competition, was founded here at UT in 1980 by Dr. Ronald Matthews, the faculty advisor of UT SAE. Longhorn Racing, our sister team, was established during the same period in order to compete. They have been building combustion-powered racecars for this competition for the past 30 years.

The electric division of FSAE was founded in 2013 and has recently been expanded to 40 teams, which come from all around the nation and the world. Our organization, Longhorn Racing Electric was founded the year after, in 2014, and has been undergoing growth and development of team infrastructure. We work closely with Longhorn Racing, learning from their experience and expertise, and sharing laboratory space and equipment with them.

Longhorn Racing’s Website

The Competition

We plan to enter our first competition in the summer of 2017. Each team must research, design, and manufacture a Formula 1 style racecar from scratch.

Each car’s design and performance are evaluated in the eight events listed below.

Event Score (%) Description
Dynamic Events
Acceleration 7.5 Drag Race (75 m)
Skid Pad 5.0 Figure Eight (16.75 m diameter)
Autocross 15.0 Straights, turns, slaloms, etc. (805 m)
Endurance 30.0 Straights, turns, slaloms, etc. (22 km)
Efficiency 10.0 Battery drainage during endurance race
Static Events
Cost 10.0 Production cost relative to other teams
Presentation 7.5 Sales pitch of cart to end user
Design 15.0 Justification of all design features


Longhorn Racing Electric


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